12 May 2009

Meet Blob.

Today, I am happy to report, I am but two short weeks away from my first of eight (!!) finals. Well, not happy because of finals, because they make me nervous, but happy because I finally got my game face.
Only it's not a game face as much as a "go go go studying" disposition, but there's not fancy term for that, so let's call it my game face, shall we? Or Blob. We can call it my Blob. I'm cool with that.

Like this, only not slimy.

Two weeks seems very short for University level finals, especially eight of them, but believe you me, the Blob doesn't usually kick in until they've started. So this is a major breakthrough in Sadoville right here.

I am going through material from even the boring classes, which is something I've a tendency to postpone until the last minute - or, if I actually go through them beforehand, it's in bits and pieces when I just force myself.
Now, it's going good. Oh yeah.

Also, I like it.
I like getting stuff. I like reading new stuff and thinking "oh wow, this has to do with the other stuff from that other class!". Makes me feel smart.
Smart doesn't work out for me so very well now that I'm in Uni, since I lazy-bones'ed my way through high school, not actually studying once, never once getting nervous about a test or exam.
Paying attention in class has always been enough for me.
I'm not saying I'm a genius, far from it, but I've always regretted not being challenged in high school.
System in Belgium is you pick a general form of education from a limited set of choices. I did Latin-modern languages.
Which, in retrospect, wasn't very smart of me, because I'm good at languages, so I ended up correcting the English teacher. Not very challenging (though fun!). I think it's a big fault of our educational system to stress the whole "if you can handle it, take it" thing, instead of the "look, you're not going to be studying in this line of study, so why don't you pick lots of math?" thing.

Anyway, the result of all that is I arrived at Uni first year, and did absolutely nothing.
I came around now, but since I have to retake two courses from my first bachelor year, I know am behind in my second. Which automatically means I'm behind on my third. And if I don't finish THAT next year, I can't transfer any courses to the next year. Because 4th year is the 1st year of our master. And you can't mix those.
Which means that for as little as 1 tiny subject, I could get behind on my classmates for a year.
Which means I'm fucked.

You see where the nerves kick in?

But! I'm ranting again.
Point is: I finally kicked off finals-month, and it's going good.
I'm in Tah Zone, which is basically endorphins being released - the body's way of saying "Why thank you!"

Yes, I am sure this is a faithful rendition.

I may post less frequently from now until June 22nd, but at least you'll know why.
I'll try to keep up :)


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