02 May 2009

Picnic fun times ahead!

First of all, I do apologize for being rather sparse with my posts lately. However, exams start in less than four weeks, I still have a paper to write (and nobody has any idea if the data are even correct and what exactly we're supposed to write) and oh, I have to participate in several experiments. Also, 8 exams instead of the usual 6.
Oh, also: the apartment papers are still not quite done yet, and I still have to find a job for the holidays.
So I hope you'll understand I'm rather busy.

Nevertheless, even I take time away from studying (and spending time with The Boy, which engrosses pretty much my entire weekend) to join in on the Oost-Vlaanderen picnic, tomorrow!
Oost-Vlaanderen, as some of you will know, is my VF cult, which consists mostly of my IRL friends, and some other people we met there and who are now IRL friends. So meeting time!

Now, what I'm still hoping for is something like this:

Of course, we're not about dressing up and being fancy (do I do love that every once in a while) but about fun times. Which is hard with corsets and parasols &c.
So the real deal will likely go something like this:

Combined with lots of booze. Well, for most of them, anyway.
And brownies, of course. E's going to be there, so the brownies are pretty much a given.

Last week, there was a comedy meeting at my friend's place, and my boots were kind of heavy (get the reference?) so I broke my good habit of hardly ever drinking and got drunk for the third time in my life.
Which was not as fun as I'd hoped, and instead of forgetting about all the hassle, I - as I but vaguely remember - started crying to one of my friends. Fun times.
So no booze now. I'm okay, but not okay enough to be a fun drunk. Which, frankly, is not something I aspire too anyway, so no big loss there.

I'll be especially happy to see E. again, because between her apartment hunting (she found a friggin' house) and mine, her exams and mine, we've hardly seen each other at all these past few weeks.

Anyway, I might or might not be back tomorrow with a detailed report, but either way, you'll have E's Extraordinarily Eloquent Extravaganza coming your way on Sunday!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Have a lovely time! I hope the weather cooperates. Around here, spring weather is very unpredictable.

    Good luck on your exams!

  2. You're just as much of a 'fun drunk' as I am then xD. No luck.
    How are you? We haven't spoken in... ehm... but that's all my fault.
    Laura says you've changed, and that I should see the new you, and your blog has pretty much proved her right.
    You have and are changing things around, right? I'm glad that you are getting a shot at being happy.