23 March 2009

Well hello there.

So here I am - at last - starting to blog.

Am I interesting? In all likelihood, only moderately so.
You have been warned.

Will I keep this up? Probably on and off, depending on my work for school &c.
Don't be alarmed, you probably won't miss a thing.

Read me if:

* you're always in need of more good books to read
* you like knowing which movies suck, which don't, and which suck but are worth watching anyway because they're so damn hilarious.
* you like tea. I go on and on about tea. I'm technically a Twinings-girl, but have been known to cheat on my beloved.
* you have a cat, and wish to read about one who is decidedly more evil than your own. Mine is Typhus, and it wants to rule the Earth.
* you like hearing interesting titbits like "research by [those and those] has shown that [something you never saw coming is, in fact, true]".
* you have no life of your own and are very interested in what clothes I wear and what haircut I have. (stalkers not appreciated.)

For now, I would just like to say hello. Nice to meet you.

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