03 April 2009


I am happy to inform you, reader, that today I have received my Havesentials package, containing:

David&Goliath's "Wanna Bone?" lip balm, which frankly I bought because I thought it was hilarious.

2 - amazingly cheap! - Barry M. eyeshadow pencils, because a girl can never have enough of those.
(they're pretty and pink too ^^)

One can of Pin-Up Lip Balm, tangerine-flavoured, because I adore tangerine:

And what I am sure is the best lip balm ever, namely Rose&Co's Sweet Vanilla Salve, with Beeswax and Honey:

I got all this for a mere 22 euros, that is including postage etc.
I haven't tried all of it yet, but here are my thoughts for now:

The Tangerine Pin-Up Balm is in the cutest little box, but since it is not sealed quite shut, I am worried about leaving it in my pocked and it melting and pouring out. Rationally, I know this isn't going to happen, but I'll need to find a small make-up bag to put it in nevertheless.
I tried it just now and it instantly smoothed and soothes my dried, cracked lips (the curse and joy of being me is having lips that don't take long to any which lip balm, and therefor I am in constant need of new balm, so I may switch).

The Sweet Vanilla salve I have not yet tried, but will update on later. I just want to say that for this price, you get a helluva lot of balm, and it smells marvelous! I'd buy it for the cute tin alone.

The Barry M. eyeshadow pencils feel amzingly short, yet sturdy, and for this price, I wouldn't care if they fell apart in a week either.

The Wanna Bone? packaging was so cute I was sorry to open it, but again, smells VERY good, a sweet vanilla scent that's actually stronger than my vanilla body lotion, so kudos!

All in all, I'm more than happy with my order, and will provide pictures soon.

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