07 April 2009

Dear reader,

I am proud to present you with part 1 in my Feelgood series:


If you're feeling blue, this is the movie to see!

Not only is the soundtrack the most "iieee giddy happy" thing I have heard in forever, the movie itself is awesome for several reasons:

1. John Travolta playing an obese woman. Yes, you read that correctly.


2. I'm all for movies with a message, even more so if it's brought with humor and sensitivity. Two thumbs up here!

3. Okay, I know I promised not to mention the soundtrack here, but it makes you hop up and down. Dancing-in-your-underwear-good!

4. One of the things I love MOST about this movie, is the crushing sarcasm and irony in it.

Point in case:

Scenario: a position has opened up on the dance team of Tracy (the overweight, naive main character)'s favourite show.
The show's host, Corny, announces this and mentions that the position has opened up because one of the girls will be "taking some time off".

Corny: So, how long will you be gone for?
Girl: [uncomfortable smile] Oh... just nine months.
Corny: [turns to viewers] So, we're looking for a girl who's just as fun-loving, but not quite as free-wheelin'. [broad grin]

5. Michelle Pfeiffer, in yet another hair-care related movie, singing about how her "screwing the judges" won her the title of "Miss Baltimore Crabs".

6. The fat, unpopular girl gets the hot guy.
I mean, don't we all love a happy ending?

7. John Travolta. In a dress. As a woman. Singing a love duet with Christopher Walken.
Gold, no?

Saw it? Liked it? Loved it? Hated it?
Share your favourite moments, right here in Vanilla's comment section ;)

John Travolta: I wish you wouldn't wear your hair that high!
Tracy: But even our first lady does it!
John: I don't believe that.
Tracy: What? How else did you think it got that way?
John: [smugly] I believe it is naturally stiff.

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