19 April 2009

E's Extraordinarily Eloquent Extravaganza: Pure Luxe - part two.

Right. As promised last week: part two of the Pure Luxe series. Swatches. I’m not going to write a complete book about every single one, but my favourites will get a bigger review. You’ll probably notice right away which ones I like best.

Please note: colours on the left are applied dry (over a base); colours on the right are applied with mixing medium.

Deep khaki in jar. Once applied you will get a smoky antiqued gold.

This is by far one of my favourite colours. Ever. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery, khaki / old gold colour, like the description says. This is very suitable for daywear, eye-catching yet not overwhelmingly in-your-face, and it doesn’t make you look cheap, which some gold colours tend to do. Au contraire. This is the epitome of class. Also, I’ve noticed that of all my PL samples, this one stays on best (as in: no creasing).

Medium brown with a mint green interference.

First of all: I look like a badly caricaturized prostitute wearing green. Which is horrible, since I absolutely adore every shade of green available. But alas. No use wearing things that make me look horrible, so I gave my green samples away. But then, one sunny summer day (well, actually it was February), I got adventurous, and, despite the obvious warning “mint green interference”, I ordered Chocomint. And all in all, I’m glad I did. It’s a marvellous colour. Like the description says, the main colour is a very light brown, and it has a beautiful golden green sheen all over it. Because of the brown being the main colour, the green isn’t really that noticeable. Until sunlight hits it. Then: WHAM! Awesomeness everywhere, as seen in the picture, the green is where the light hits it. This effect is much more subtle when applied dry, but I didn’t quite manage to catch it on photo. A real must-have for everyone who loves green, but shares my problem. This is your chance!

Love Spell
Lavender/blue base with brighter blue/sea green interference. Satin finish with medium shimmer.

One of the few blue colours that doesn’t look tacky on me, as long as I apply it dry. Mixing medium makes the blue too prominent; when applied dry, it’s more lavender than blue.

Deep bittersweet bronze. STRONG metallic cast.

Forged is a colour from the Heavy Metalz collection. As you might’ve noticed: this is an insanely gorgeous metallic colour. To get this beautiful effect, all colours in this collection contain real (cosmetically approved, of course) metal powder. In the case of Forged: bronze powder. Definitely not something I wear on a daily basis, but a real eye catcher at parties. (Swatch is just applied dry, as this colour is so pigmented it doesn’t even need mixing medium)

Bright copper with lots of shimmer.

The picture makes this one look a LOT more orange than it’s supposed to be. In real life, it’s a beautiful coppery/brownish colour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really look great on me, but it’s a beautiful colour nonetheless.

Crushed velvet in a jar! Warm red/brown.

Same thing as Crush: I can’t really seem to pull this one off (not for daywear, that is), but it’s such a beautiful colour I can’t get rid of it…

Golden Sands
Soft taupe brown with bronze shimmer.

A subtle golden brown colour. Not too sure where that ‘bronze shimmer’ is, but it does have adorable purple/blue/green-ish sparkles :)

Light pastel green with silver frosting.

Honestly, this one’s more gold than green, especially when applied dry. Maybe gold with a hint of green. But hey, you won’t hear me complaining ^^

Peach Parfait
A medium warm peach shimmer.

Beautiful peachy colour, and absolutely perfect for when you want a more subtle, natural look.

The Aura Collection

I have three colours from this collection: Purple Aura, Turquoise Aura, and Opal Aura (pink). In the jar, they’re just white. Applied dry, the colour changes from white to *whatever colour you chose* when the light hits it. Applied wet, the effect is much more intense, creating a gorgeous pastel colour.


  1. OMG *where* can I get these?

    (sorry if this has been stated profusely elsewhere, paying attention hasn't been my stronghold these past few days)

  2. You can order them at http://pureluxecosmetics.com/ ;)

    They're awesome, I have some too.