20 April 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: May I have your attention PLEASE.

Having been occupied most of the day with fretting over whether or not, when, and with which news the appartment-giving-or-denying godlike person would call, I have had little to divert myself.

As I was supposed to participate in an experiment this afternoon, I resolved to do some laundry and groceries and keep my self diverted mainly by the virtue of the huge pile of dishes - a common sight after The Boy has left my abode.
Then in the afternoon, I would do the experiment, be back home, and wait.
However, obviously the experiment was cancelled last minute (without even an e-mail warning!) as I discovered only when already at the scene.
Way to go for wasting my time. Either way, having little else on my mind than "omg why doesn't she call can't she call please call already omg she'll so call when i'm in the little girl's room why why why why why", I was happily diverted both by my trusted sidekick E's offer of tea, and the perusal of some of my favourite blogs, after I got home.

Which brings me - at long lenght - to my point.
Look, I know I'm not a big fish, I know my blogging street cred is relatively low, BUT I feel you don't have to be great (or high and mighty) to appreciate the fine writing, interesting musings and diverting anecdotes of others.

And so I have decided to give out my first ever award.

Non-Eddie Izzard fans will no doubt be quite clueless (hint: rent all of his DVD's - you will not be sorry).

Without further ado, I have the pleasure of presenting to you:

The VANILLA awesome blog award.


I hereby give it out to:

A bitch about Brittany;

Musings of a Muse;

Someday I'll get there;

That Unreliable Girl;

The Land of Earth Muffin.

So, I would urge you all to go and read them, as they are all in their own way equally wonderful, and tune back in tomorrow for - hopefully - more news about The Apartment.


  1. Thanks for posting these; I've enjoyed checking out all of them, and will now be following your blog as well. Keep it up!

  2. Glad I could be of service =]

  3. thanks for the award Sado...

  4. Thanks! It's nice to find out that people who don't know me in real life read my blog too. I'll have to start following yours.

  5. You all totally deserve these ^^
    And thanks for reading mine too, as you say, it's nice to have people who don't know me read it, and perhaps, like what I say. :)