08 April 2009

Extra! Extra! Sado is forgetful!

I hope, my darlings,

that you will all readily forgive me for my horrid forgetfulness, especially as:

1. You have no idea what the forgetfulness issue is even about, as I don't think I have mentioned it before AND
2. I will make up for it immediately.

What I forgot was, that, while E. was here to rescue me re: the photos of my bookshelf I had promised, I also asked her to take a bunch of pics of me with some of my tea and with my Kitty Of Doom, Typhus. (We tried to take a good picture of Typhus on his own as well, but he was extremely jumpy for no apparent reason).

So here they are:

(nobody ever admits it, but you can see the murder in his eyes, can't you? I know it.)

I got him off the internet (which is a cautionary tale for all of you - murder kitties are online, sweet kitties are in the pound or with friends), as it were, in an ad, when I just moved out and got my own place. I was turning eighteen in a few weeks, and being alone scared the shit out of me, which is why I opted for a cat as a pet. The cat is had in mind was:

1. Female
2. Small
3. Sweet and/or lazy

Typhus, on the other hand, is:

1. Male. Well, not anymore. I had him neutered - not that it calmed him down in the least.
2. Well, okay, he's not huge, so that's fine.
3. Neither of those. To be fair, he did calm down a bit lately. But I swear I could use him as a watchdog. I'd be totally safe.

Hey, remember how I said in my "about me" bit that everything dies in my hands.
I wasn't kidding:

(these are my dead orchids.
I mean, how little water do these even need? And they still die on me :( )

And no, I am not an alcoholic. It's madeira wine, which I used once to make tomato-meatballs. They failed.

(in conclusion: I like tea. A lot.)

Though I have to be fair and say I never drink the Camomille. That's The Boy's. I don't think he drinks it now anymore, either, though. Odd.
Am going through a vanilla-heavy period right now (vanilla lip balm, vanilla body butter, vanilla tea, a blog named after vanilla tea,...), but my Twinings Vanilla Black Tea isn't shown here since I keep those in my special Tea Box, which is cute and made of wood and which I love love love... but forgot to take a picture of.

And on that happy note, I leave you.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for my Feelgood pt. 2!

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  1. Orchids actually need a lot of care and attention :p You should ask my gran, she nows all about how to take care of them by now, they're her favourite flowers, and we've got some beautiful ones in our living room, thanks to her.