09 April 2009

Feelgood pt. 2: Charlotte "Chuck" Charles

... and indeed, all of the wonderful double-concentrated feelgood that is Pushing Daisies.

Remember how I told you while we were sipping Bordeaux and admiring the sunset in my "about me" that I was going through a fun, colourful, perky clothing phase, as inspired by Chuck?
So do I.
And I feel - I really, really do feel - that I absolutely NEED to elaborate.

Lookit her! Innit she cuuute? Yeshi is! yeshiiss!

Chuck Charles is, character-wise, everything I wish and aspire to be (well, that + being a licensed therapist - and, you know, actually alive) in that everytime she pops up on my TV-screen, I start smiling spontaniously and start counting my blessings.

1. Am able to touch the man I love (though The Boy does not bake pies for a living, or is even remotely charmingly neurotic, like Ned)
2. I, too, can dress like her.
3. I, too, can spread the sunshine. People are intolerable rude (and in some cases, cruel) to one another. I like smiling at strangers. (if I feel safe and validated - as a precaution)

I also, within the ten minutes of her first appearance on said TV-screen, began to lament the fact that my fair was not, in fact, long, curly and/or brown. Luckily, I am usually a down-to-earth person, and after realizing I could not possibly remedy this fact, began to realize that there were other ways to spread the Chuck-happy.

But I'm starting to wander off here.
Point is: spreading the sunshine.
(and looking charmingly awesome).

What? Even her make-up was bee-related!

(I'll just mention this in passing, but this text editing tool sucks a-- is not of superior quality. Seriously, clicking the "i" thing means italics, not normal text. Unclicking it means stop with the italics already. Ugh.

Anyhoo, where was I?

Yes, my Chuck-inspired style.

Now, since my camera is broken and I am unfortunately unable to keep a photographer as my slave, I must rely on pictures from Google, so some are missing, and other are not quite what I have, as seen below:

My sunglasses are the ones on top. I rushed to your general aid with bad Paint-skills.

They're actually red, though, but otherwise, they're quite alike.
I bought them because they matched my red coat (H&M, 50 euros)
I cannot find a picture of it anywhere because H&M's website is the most idiot thing in the history of ever, but it's read, and tailored, and knee-lenght, and lined with red-white polkadot fabric on the inside. So yeah. Awesome.

I am still on a quest for summer shoes, since I normally just wear my combat boots (I have done so for the three previous summers) and I'm getting kind of sick of it.
So I need shoes with a heel that I can walk on, and that match most of my clothes.

And the current shoe fasion trends all kind of suck.

Woe is me. Woe indeed.

I feel rather distracted today, so I'll quit while I'm ahead and just leave you with this:


  1. You once borrowed my sunglasses, and never gave them back.

    Where the hell are my sunglasses?

  2. Euhm... when did that happen? o.O
    What did they look like? o.O

    Am quite mortified now o.O

  3. Summer 2007. Then I bought two pairs of sunglasses in Hungary. Back in Belgium, the two of us went for a day's shopping, and you asked me if you could borrow a pair because you didn't bring any.
    I agreed, and when you went home that night, you asked if you could keep them for a while, until you could afford a pair of your own. I agreed again.

    I never saw those sunglasses back.
    (yes, it's a sad sad story)

    I actually reminded you of those facts before, and then you promised you'd look for them when you'd move, they were bound to show up, you said. (this was probably last summer, I only think of my sunglasses when I need them :p)

    They look like they would suit me: big, and kinda hip.

  4. I am evil. o.O

    I promise to buy you a new pair.
    Come to Gent and I promise to do so.

  5. I'm in Gent next week :-)

  6. What day exactly? I'm on schedule for studying on Monday and Tuesday, since The Boy is coming over on Wednesday already and not much studying will ensue after that.
    We're in Brugge for a visit to my brother's new place on Wednesday, but totally available on every day after that (except in the morning, as we're both getting tattooed).
    So let me know when you're here, and we can meet up =]

  7. Saturday, of course. FFTG, remember? I could come to Gent earlier or sth like that :)