14 April 2009

More nerdy book mania.

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.
(Jane Austen)

Oh Jane! How I love you.

That woman - but I seem to be drifting from my original statement (or rather, the quote I shamefully scribbled down to hide my lack of originality).

I live on my own, and indeed, I have a library.
It's not the library I want, granted, but a collection of books which I shall liberally call "a library", nonetheless.

What I realy want is this:

Taller, though. And in warmer colours. And with the darkest mahogany wood I could possibly find.
And with portraits of my favourite writers interspersed on the wall.
Also, not sure about the floor. I'd like it to be a round room, sure, but with a hardwood floor, possibly covered in the softest carpet in existence. And nobody would be allowed to wear shoes in there.

Sunday is mandatory keep-your-jammies-on-day.
Good lord. Why do I fantasize about this? Good Lord.

Either way, in between studying sessions, I found myself grabbing the new Michel Faber, Fire Gospel, which I had purchased a few months ago and never bothered to read until now because I had (and still have) a sudden case of Jane Austen mania.
Well, I read the first page, looked up 2 hours later and started mentally cursing at myself for the lost study time.
I then read the rest of the novel.

It's short, it's powerful, it's evocative, it asks questions with only brief hints at answers - just the way I like it.
It's especially interesting, too, because it's about Baby Jesus, well, I can't give you the particulars, because I firmly believe that would ruin your true enjoyment of the novel, but as the title suggests, it is about a new gospel being discovered, translated and published.
Go read it. I swear, you will not hate me for wasting your time.

I also picked up Jane Austen's Mansfield Park again, with the heroine I never particularly liked but am starting to warm up to now: Fanny Price. Perhaps it's because of her name (which, as you might recall, is the same as the evil sister-in-law of the Dashwood sisters), maybe it's just her damn shyness, not sure, but that's how it was and no longer is.
Fanny is awesome.

Even more awesome is reading some Jane Austen with Unforgettable in the background, which is just nostalgic enough for it. If I had any original piano concertos on my laptop, I would put those on, but hey, you have to work with what you have.

There exist, in this world which you and I both live in, as well as lots of other people, JANE AUSTEN T-SHIRTS.
My nerdy fangirl heart just leaped up and is preparing to launch into outer space.
They're pretty basic, but still - JANE SHIRTS!

They have awesome matched pairs where one is 'pride' and the other 'prejudice' (or you could get cheeky and buy a 'sense' and a 'pride' so people have no idea what you're about).
What are the odds I can get The Boy to agree with buying these, and actually wearing them? As in, in public?

Must. Find. Leverage.
I would offer him my firstborn child, but he doesn't want children. Dammit.
I could dump him and find a Jane fanboy. (a straight one).

No, never going to happen.
Still, I can keep dreaming.

Also, I'm aware that there are shops where you can have your text of choice printed onto a shirt without paying 20 pounds for it, so I'm going to do that instead.

And with that, I leave you - until the morrow.

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  1. Those t-shirt designs are just awful :p
    If you want me to, I'll design you a neat Jane Austen-inspired print ^.^

    And, oh, I want the library the Beast gives to Belle. Including the castle and magicked servants.