13 April 2009


Dear readers,
today I have decided, somewhat late, to make a traditional Easter post.
Well, actually, I will be rambling on and on aimlessly, but that's a good tradition, I guess, so let's not cut that out, shall we?

My good friend E. told me yesterdag that at her in-laws place, they didn't eat any meat on good Friday, which struck her as peculiar since here in Belgium, that's considered kind of an old-fashioned habit and her in-laws aren't even really religious.
We both had a good laugh when, that same night, lots of candy was being distributed and several people were - figuratively speaking - forced to go to the hospital for chocolate-overdosing.
(which, by the way, is how I wanna die. Seriously.)

We pegged it down as an odd family tradition and thought no more of it.

But then I started thinking.
Tradition isn't so bad, is it?

Well, I mean, I don't have any.

I've been living alone for two years and have no traditions to mention, except perhaps an occasional lapse of focus during studying which inevitably leads to me, curled up in front of the TV. Which is baaaaaaaad!

I guess I'm just too damn cynical.
But honestly, wouldn't you be?
Easter is about the (alledged) ressurection of Zombie Jesus Jesus Christ, not about candy.
I prefer the candy, but that's still how it is.
I doubt "Our Lord" had meant for us all to gorge on chocolate and those teensy weensy sugar eggs that I love so much. Ya' know, that was probably not the point.

(unless of course he had this in mind)

We all know that the traditions of yore have long since been watered down (or shimmied up) to something the masses enjoy more than religious fervor (not that I mind that) and deep thought about the state of the world and peace among mankind and SIIIIIIIN.
Tradition is something we cast a glance at, sniggering cynically.

It's just a way to sell beer.

(you know it!)

But I object!

I want traditions!
I want to wake up fifteen, twenty years from now, on Christmas or Mother's Day, or Spaghetti Monster Day and know what to look forward to! I want to know that on Christmas, we will all be eating french fries with lots of mayo because we're so hardcore cynical awesome whatever. Or, possibly, that my young'uns will have sat up all nights to catch a glimpse of Santa, and that Santa is going to be our obese Pakistani neighbor.

I want Sundays, or Saturdays, whichever, to be special. Every Wednesday: visit to the ice-cream parlor! Every Friday: a new dish we never ate, and then, because I can't cook worth shit, we order pizza.

That sort of thing.

Not too much tradition, because it'd become boring, but something, maybe.
I don't know.

What about you?

Do you have any traditions? Would you like to have them someday?
Tell me =]


  1. I plan on having the whole "Decadent Lazy Sunday Brunch Tradition" thingy.
    It'll be awesome ^^
    But first, I need Lazy Sundays. As opposed to Study Sundays... I might have to wait a few years for that :P

  2. I always feel lazy compared to you :(
    Either way, you're having a good effect on me, I'm actually studying, as opposed to last year.

    (can we also have a solid visiting and tea-partying tradition, perhaps post-college?)

  3. Traditions are awesome, as long as you choose them yourselves, not because 'other people do it' (*is referring to the not-eating meat thingie).

    When I was little, Saturdays used to be pizzadays, just because my gran didn't feel like cooking then. In fact, Saturday still is fast-food-day ^.^ Awesome tradition!

    And every year, on New Year's day, we go out for dinner with the entire family (thus including aunts, uncles, nephews, ...), which is great, 'cos of everyone's work schedules, we don't see eachother that often. Second awesome tradition!

  4. After reading this post, I believe you and I have embarked on a long a prosperous bloggy friendship!

    The one holiday tradition I can think of that we do is take our boys out shopping for new ornaments for our Christmas tree. That would be how I have Darth Vader, Spiderman, Boba Fett and the Incredible Hulk decorating my house every December.

  5. ^ That sounds awesome! :D
    I wish I could do that, but with Crazy Kitty here, I haven't dared put up a Christmas tree for the last two years, and I kind of miss it.