24 May 2009


I am SO sorry for my horrible negligence of you all!

But I do have a reason!
I mentioned in my previous post the upcoming exams (only three more days o.O), which is part, but not all, of the reason why my posts have been so sparse.

I have been working on The Paper Of Death, Destruction and Devastation. (concept NOT stolen from E's previous Paper Of Doom!).

Tell me, dear reader, if you have to make a hypothesis about something, what would your first question be?
You have raw data. That's about it.
You have interpreted said data to the best of your abilities.

Now hypothesize!

You can't, can you?


Because in order to derive a falsifiable statement from a set of data, you need a theory, a framework to look at those data.
If you don't HAVE a theory, or even a research question, how on Earth are you supposed to make a hypothesis?
Answer: you can't.

Which was my dilemma for the past five days.

But now, The Paper Of Death, Destruction and Devastation is finished. The e-version has been sent (and safely received, I dare say) and the real version will be commited to an uncaring mailbox in the morning.

Unfortunately, being so preoccucpied with said Paper, I lost track of my studying schedule and am now woefully behind, with no way to catch up. I only have two full days to study Clinical Psychodiagnostics (the psychoanalytic course, which is awesome), and so I'm... well, fucked, really.

These exams will not rest until they have sucked all the life force out of me, and so, I take leave of you, barring short posts when I find the time, until June 22rd.

(I will, however, post something every week just to make sure that E's Extra& doesn't take over my entire blog :D)


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