24 May 2009

E's Extraordinarily Eloquent Extravaganza: SteamCream Saves The Day!

I'm very sorry for the shortness of this post. But you see, I'm too busy bathing in aftersun lotion to come up with something elaborate, so this'll have to do.

As you might've deducted, I have a terrible case of sunburn. Which is horrible. Last time I looked this red was when I fell asleep on the beach, and couldn't sleep on my back for two weeks.
It's my own fault. I got cocky. I was so convinced that I wouldn't burn, I didn't bother to find some sunscreen. Unfortunately, the tiny insignificant fact that I didn't burn because of the sunscreen apparently slipped my mind.

And now I look like this.

Well, not quite like a baby in a lobster costume. Though that costume is adorable, and if I had kids, I'd totally let them wear it to school, weddings, funerals, and other inappropriate places. No, I was just trying to make a colour-related point.

Don't worry. I'm not going to bore you to death with details of how red I really am, and how my skin changes colour when you press it, and how it'll probably all start peeling off in a couple of days. That wasn't the point. The point, darlings, is this.

Remember SteamCream?

Of course you do...

Turns out it's not only a lifesaver for those of you who are, like me, cursed with very dry skin. It's also great in case of sunburn!
I was feeling a bit hesitant to just start rubbing aftersun lotion on my face. The lotion is greasy and way too scented. You know, the feeling you get when someone hits you in the head with a bottle of perfume? That feeling. Works just fine on my body, but my face would hate me for the rest of my life, and punish me with pestilence, war, famine and death - an allergic reaction. Luckily I discovered the small sample tin of SteamCream I had left here. And it really does miracles. I'd love to use it on all my burnt spots (which is actually the entire front side of my body, with the exception of a white dress-shape), but since that sample has to last until I get home (aka: the current residence of my full-sized tin), I save it for my face.
It's incredibly soothing (even more so than my real aftersun lotion), very moisturizing, and my face already looks MUCH better than the rest of my body. The red is disappearing quite fast (leaving a lovely tan behind ^^), and my skin feels a lot less painful.

So. Don't have a tin of your own yet? Go buy one! It's creamy heaven in a tin, AND multipurpose!


  1. I'm sorry about your sunburn, but oh my goodness, that lobster baby is adorable!

  2. I'd never heard of SteamCream, looks great. I got burnt in San Francisco a couple of weeks back and relied heavily on Kiss My Face after sun lotion, it's aloe and other natural goodies and it smells divine. :)