08 May 2009

Picture Day I: Kittens For All!

As you know, despite my occasionally wandering into melancholy, my blog is mostly about sharing the things I love and appreciate. Sort of a "share the sunshine" project.

I rant IRL. A lot. I probably have this brain connection that makes me verbally deal with things instead of just thinking them over, or dismissing them out of hand.
However, I decided not to take that to this blog. I'm a big (theoretical, sometimes) fan of the "Spreading the sunshine" concept, and so that was what I had in mind for the blog.

Unfortunately that sometimes gives me writer's block - like when I've had a bad day, or I feel like killing my landlord (hint: today! today!) or when I've been studying all the time, except when I was listening to other people talking about their problems (also today). Then I'm not sure how to spread the sunshine, because I can't think of anything.

I will spread the sunshine even if it kill me! Semper fi, or whatever fits into this situation. Probably not semper fi, but yeah. You get my drift.

Today is Quotes And Pictures day.
Meaning: I will not write anything, just post pictures and happy, sunshiny quotes. Which you will get to comment on, of course.
This will be repeated rather frequently as my finals keep creeping closer and closer like a horde of very slow, determined zombies. Don't worry, I'll still write.



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