05 May 2009

Vanilla goes Day Zero Project!

Alrighty then folks, you've been reading about Day Zero Project at E's Extraordinary Eloquent Extravaganza, and today, you get to read my freshly made list! woop!
I am starting today, Tuesday 5th of May 2009.
The Project ends at Tuesday, 31st of January 2012.
I will report on my progress at the beginning of every new month.
Let's get started, shall we?


001. Earn my bachelor's degree in 2010. Then smoothly move on to the Master's and complete that in the appropriate time too.
002. Learn to speak Japanese. Do this by taking University classes.
003. Start studying at least a month in advance of finals. EVERY time, not just once.
004. Finally start earning merits. I would so love to do a PhD.
005. Impress favourite professor(s) with smart remarks during class.
006. Strike up an intelligent conversation with a professor at least once.
007. If have year extra for study due to stupid system, take interesting relevant classes to boost resumé.
008. Work for school every day except weekends and holidays.


009. Write a letter to myself when I'm 40 about my long-term goals in life. Learn from it.
010. Be a mentor about something to any younger person.
011. Donate blood at a point where I didn't get tattooed/pierced for six months.
012. Fill out paperwok to donate my body to science after I die.

013. Ride a roller coaster, so as to learn not to be afraid of new things.
014. Stop picking at my lips so I can wear lipstick.
015. Work on my self-esteem re: appearance.

016. Protest for or against something.
017. Stop using the sad "sick" voice completely.
018. Get up at 8 every day for a month (except Sundays).
019. Make a memento-related scrapbook about the good things in life - not be such a pessimist.


020. Get a short story published.
021. Maintain my blog.
022. Get a hobby that doesn't involve watching TV/DVD's or reading.
023. Complete NaNoWriMo at least once.
024. Participate every year.
025. Finish the Dune series - including the parts he didn't write himself.
026. Go to the theatre at least twice.
027. Make at least one sculpture.
028. Go to FACTS at least one of the two days every year.
029. Go to lectures that aren't class-related.
030. Maintain my French. Do this by reading a lot and trying to have conversations in it more often.
031. Learn to speak Japanese. Do this by taking University classes.

032. See Stef Bos in concert.
033. Write a short story.
034. Buy at least two books every month.
035. Save up for a trip to Japan after my studies.
036. Read 100 new books.
037. Read Sandman.
038. Read the non-fictional works of at least 4 geniuses.
039. Learn awesome quotes from novels by heart so I can reference them correctly.

040. Write a letter to Richard Dawkins. Aim for a response.


041. Learn to play poker.
042. Sing at Cabaret Gothique. No chickening-out!
043. Go horse-back riding one more time.
044. Finally wear that D&G dress.
045. Do another photoshoot.
046. Learn to walk properly and for long periods of time in heels.
047. Lend a book from the library, write commentary on a card and return it with the card inside.
048. Wear a dress or skirt every day for a week. NO PANTS. (0/7)
049. Do a movie marathon.
050. Do an Eddie Izzard marathon.

051. Finally get a collar for the kitty. Succeed in putting it ON the kitty.

052. Find cute sexy-librarian-type glasses even though I don't need them.
053. Buy one awesome, yet expensive bottle of perfume.
054. Go on a vacation that's longer than 2 days.
055. Finish my tattoo projects. (DNA, cogs, orchids.)
056. Dye my hair in a crazy color at least once before I have to give it up to the boring professioinal appearance.
057. Fix my rhythm-issues by learning how to dance so I'm not embarassed at parties anymore.

058. Find a ring exactly like the one my grandparents gave me for my 14th (? maybe 13th) birthday.
059. Find a nice summer job, not one where I want to kill myself daily.
060. Get a really wonderful tea set.
061. Take one long bath a month, for rewarding self. Light candles.

062. Get an alarm clock where you can program any CD to wake you, not some stupid cellphone tune.
063. Decide on a variety of orchid for my leg piece. (help me out later!)


064. Get in touch with Dad again.
065. Take my sister out partying.
066. Visit my brother's new apartment.
067. Have a tea party with E. at least once a week, except during exams or when either of us is out of the country.
068. Write someone a letter.
069. Burn good CD's for the people I love most. Do not need reason.
070. Maintain good healthy relationship with The Boy.
071. Have a BBQ in our new garden at least once every summer. Invite a lot of friends for it.
072. Invite my mom and her partner over for dinner.
073. Get closer to my kid sister.
074. Make friends in international intellectual circles, in order to learn and make connections for future work life.
075. Go on a romantic weekend at least twice.
076. Appear in sexy lingerie more often. Not in public though.
077. Eat fish at least 20 times, even though Boy does not like it.
078. Throw a huge party for my 20th birthday.
079. Go out more with friends from school.
080. Surprise others with little gifts more often.
081. Buy kitty a toy he likes.


082. Grow something in my new garden.
083. Paint my new appartment just the way I want it.
084. Buy an oven to bake cookies in.
085. Make a collage of pictures of my loved ones. Hang it on the wall.
086. Put up motivatinal Post-its for myself around the house.
087. Clean out my closet. No worn for at least a year => out it goes.
088. Find a good organising system for my book closet.
089. Get a plant for inside the house, and this time, don't let it die.
090. Clean the whole apartment on a regular basis.
091. Try a new recipe at least once a month.
092. Buy a proper domain for the blog in case it ever gets to be huge.

093. Quit smoking. NO REALLY.
094. Eat fruit every day for a month.
095. Take up cooking real food instead of buying ready-made stuff.
096. Walk more often, especially short distances - no need for buses.
097. Go to class by bike when it's not freezing cold or raining.
098. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month.
099. Find a way to excercise that isn't sex or running to catch the bus.
100. Go to the dentist.


101. Review tasks completed and start a new list.


  1. i like #42 a lot. ideas yet? :p

    i should make a list like this for myself actually.
    though #1 will probably be: finish the damn list -_-

  2. A warning about #50.
    An Eddie Izzard marathon might sound fun, but it's not. I've been there... Barely made it out alive, fell asleep twice, and couldn't see or hear anything Eddie-related for a month.
    Just so you know ;)

  3. Maria - nope, I have nothing yet! And I'm telling you, I will require at least an afternoon's practice. And not on the day itself.
    I can't sing. Why did I ever agree to this? :p
    Anyway, you find any good songs, send 'em to me ;)

    E - yeah, I know, you told me that :p But you know, it's stretching, so woop woop :p

  4. Sado, maybe we can do a duet at Cabaret Gothique (or something with 3 people)? I'd like to sing too and have some nice stuff here :)

  5. An alarm clock is a necessity in every household to keep us on time with our daily activities especially if you're always on the go.

  6. 044. Finally wear that D&G dress

    yesssss!! it's such a pretty pretty dress

  7. 3rd Wave - True that. Thing is, I use my cellphone now, but I suspect it keeps me awake for longer (killer wave thing, perhaps?). Plus, waking up to Roxette is much more fun.

    midnight - yeah, I know. But I do need good shoes for those :p

  8. we'll go shopping together, it's been too long :p

  9. I want to do an act on Cabaret Gotique too, but can't sing.

  10. Cool list :) i'm doing something similar actually.. hope you've good luck doing it all :)