05 May 2009

Orchid leg piece. HELP.

Alright. So here's the deal.

I've been wanting a big leg piece for a long time now,, and I have 'always' been pretty straight-forward about what I wanted. In general.
A branch of orchids, going all the way from my ankle to my thigh.

Things is, there's LOTS of orchids.
So I'm having a teensy weensy bit of trouble deciding here.

Now, my process is that I ask people for their opinion, and then dismiss it for a variety of reasons, which makes it much clearer to ME what it is that I prefer.

So basically I need you guys to bounce ideas off of.

It doesn't seem like a very glamorous job, but it is, really. I promise. (in my mind)

Contestant number 1:

is a pretty bright red thing, very simple, yet elegant.
I'm not much for simple or elegant, I don't think I am, or anything is, and it's not MY typical orchid, but it struck my eye nonetheless.

Contestant number 2:

is The Boy's favourite, for being pure, and simple, and elegant.
Which put me off of these a bit, but then, for a slightly-colored mostly B/W piece, this may be the way to go.

Contestant number 3:

is a little more up my original alley. Frayed, withered-looking, yet positively beautiful.
I'm a little worried about how it'll be black and white with only a hint of ONE color, and I'm not sure that that's going to work for this flower. Help me out here.

Contestant number 4:

is wonderful. Just wonderful. I like 'em this way, and I like the way the leaves curve and everything, but I'm not getting anything YELLOW tattooed on me. So I'd have to pick another color, and isn't that orchid-murder? Thought-crimes and all that jazz? Plus - maybe simple and elegant is better - for something you have to look at every day for the rest of your life.
But man, I love it.

Sooooooo... tell me what you think, and I will get back to you all.
Karma will reward you for being such awesome people.

Goodnight, and sleep tight!


  1. Number 2 or 4. About the yellow stuff: try inverting colours in paint. Or just plain B/W. I won't be very accurate but it will give a hint about what it could look like...

  2. I'm sorry to announce that the Boy's favourite is the Cousin's as well.



  3. Either 1 or 4...I prefer 1, but it seems you want something with a little more "oomph" and I think 4 fits the bill well. I agree with you that 3 is lovely, but also that it may not translate well with just one color.

  4. 1 is boring
    3 will make you look like you've got alot of cellulite.
    4 is perdy, but 2 seems more fot for a tat.


  5. #1 is pretty but quite boring, and I don't like #3 and #4 at all... They look like evil mutant orchids from outer space, and I doubt they'll come over well in tat-form and not look like a blob.
    But I really adore #2! Same reason as The Boy, it's simple and elegant.

  6. Purely aesthetically, I'm in love with 3

    Frayed, slightly withered but gorgeous, as you say.
    I think it could definitely work as a tat, with a splash of pink or purple in the middle? Or something that fits your skin tone. (So it looks like the outer petals are part of your skin)
    It'll look blobby and awful if you let a 3 year old tattoo you. Otherwise I think it would be lovely.

    4 is my first runner up, but agreed on the yellow. As stated above, splash of pink or purple?

    How about merging 3 and 4? So you've got the delicacy of 4 but the 'edginess' of 3 somehow incorporated in it?

    If elegant and simple isn't really your thing, I wouldn't get something elegant and simple inked into you. It won't feel right and won't look right then.

    Me thinks, anyway =)

  7. Okay, the progress: now have narrowed it down to either 2 or 4.
    Will ask tattoo artist whether or not we can work the magic with 4 in B/W with one dash of color, and whether it will work since the original idea was to use only 1 needle (less expensive and she said the result would be just as good).
    If that doesn't work, I'll take 2.

    Thanks for all your help, guys!