11 May 2009

When shall I cease with wondering...

In line with my general theory that you have to do some things to get others, also known as 'tit for that', today I offer you an inspiring tale of sacrifice and endurance.

I have withstood, this very day, an epic journey, in order to graduate.

The situation was as follows: in the first (bachelor) year of our wonderful education (clinical psychology being my chosen field) we are to be used as guinea pigs. You heard me. Guinea pigs.
Professors claim this is because we would, through our own experience, learn what it is like to participate in such experiments as are commonplace in our field. I say: they just need people to enter these things and nobody in their right mind would do some of them.
Now, being in my second year BUT having been so stupid as to fail one of the classes that goes with these experiments, I was forced to re-enter 3 this semester.

My first was relatively fun. It was basically a large formal logics test, which I like and am good in.
The second was boring as fuck.

The third was today.

The experiment went as follows:

I sat, for over an hour, on a chair facing a computer in the left corner of a classroom. Facing the wall. Charming.
Experiment leader (young, perky, kind of pretty) ignored me for most of that hour+, never once offering me some water or even elaborate explanations.
It is common decency to apologize for constructing an experiment as boring as this, but she didn't.

The experimental task was this:
A colored geometrical shape is shown on the screen. Participant is to name it. Every now and then, a shape will change either color or shape during session, in which case you are to cease naming it, possibly mid-word.

That's basically it.
15 minutes per phase, 4 phases long, I went "yellow square. Red cone. Purple disc. Green circle. Orange triangle."
Occasionally: "Ora-. Green ci-."

They didn't even look fancy, like this.

The extent of excitement of my day.

Experimenter left the room twice, both times for almost ten minutes (as far as I can tell).

Moral of the story: I have had a very boring day, and an even more boring afternoon, and I want to rant about it.

I learned nothing from participating in these stupid things, and I hate that we are on every occasion used as free lab rats, not even owed an apology for taking up our valuable time with such nonsense.

Tomorrow I will be back, hopefully with something a little more interesting to offer.

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