06 May 2009

Words, words, words

Last weekend, when we were at the movie rental place, The Boy and I noticed a show that Dear Maria had recommended, as being sort of "related" to Pushing Daisies. I speak, indeed, of Dead Like Me, which is about grim reapers. The deaths are funny. Otherwise, pretty tragic show.

Yes, we can see the difference here.

So I bought them. Yes, I am very hedonistic, thanks!

Anyway, in the first episode, female lead George (awesome name for a girl, by the bye, I want a male-sounding nickname now) introduces her family. Her mother Joy is described, among other things, as hating the word "moist" because she thinks it's pornographic.

She does look like someone who hates the word "moist".

That got me thinking about words.

You know how some words sound exactly like what they mean? Like "stern" and "rigorous" and "moist". I like "moist" now. I like those words in general.

I hate the word "umbrella". It doesn't make any sense to me. In Dutch, it's paraplu, from the French parapluie, which means "against rain". Makes sense, doesn't it? Well, "umbrella" doesn't. So I hate the word.

I like words with "graphic". I think they sound nice. Even "pornographic" sounds nice.
I like "initial". It sounds better than first.

I have the tendency to overuse words. To counteract this (I like counteract!) I tried overusing big words. You know, the kind that you don't normally use in an ordinary (woop!) conversation.

Is that counter-intuitive?

Before I regress into a child-like state (who am I kidding anyway?) - what are your favourite words?

Goodnight, and sweet dreams.


  1. daft. i really really like daft.
    and vigorous.
    and things like topsy-turvy.
    and 'lepel' (for sounding exactly the way it looks, for some strange reason).

  2. I love the word "chaos", though I truly loathe actual chaos in my life.

  3. I love "ragamuffin"! Not just an awesome word, but also a cat breed. I don't really see the link, but it's a great combination nonetheless ^^ "Nonetheless" is great, too.

    And "bombastic". It sounds bombastic.

    And "contra-intuïtief", although it doesn't sound that good in English...

  4. Moist has always been one of the words I can't stand. Nor am I fond of the word chunks. Mellifluous, on the other hand, is probably at the top of my list of favorites. It just makes me happy. : )