06 July 2009

Review: Lolita Lempicka

I have, as dictated by my Day Zero Project, indulged in buying one awesome, expensive bottle of perfume.

(I realize that these types of "goals" are self-indulging and not that straining at all, once you collect the money, but it's my list, so woohoo for me, no?)

I had, previoulsy, bought another bottle of Lolita Lempicka's gorgeous perfumes, named "Fleur Defendue", which I also loved - the smell reminds me of jewellery, somehow. Since I'm not all that good at describing smells, I can only tell you that it made me feel luxurious and that is was just right: not too harsch a smell, but still noticable.

And the bottle is totally cute.

Even though I am a phase-type person, who tends to stick to the same things for very long periods of time, and I do this with perfume as well - White Musk by The Body Shop is awesome - I felt that for something this expensive, it's probably worth it to switch every once in a while. Sort of like: "I am going to spend a lot of money because LL is F-ing good, BUT I may as well try a different scent of hers." I satisfies my need for the familiar while simultaniously making me feel daring, in a sexy type way.
(Dammit, this is my blog, I don't need to make sense if I don't want to.)

So I went to the INNO, which has all sorts of things I'm mainly uninterested in, but also lots of different perfumes, and resolved to try all LL's scents, using The Boyfriend as a judge of what to pick. There was a perfect understanding between myself and The Boyfriend that, despite his overt role as a judge, I was still to decide and that he was not to quarrel with me about this. All was well in the world.

Except it stood there for 20 minutes before the perfume lady came to my assistance and explained that, for LL only, all the bottlecaps had been removed because apparently, people break or steal them.

Anyhoo, I picked the coral box with the heart-shaped bottle in it (which has no name. This annoys me not because I feel all perfumes should have a name, but because I feel that you shouldn't have more than one nameless perfume in your line. LL has two or three.) which agains, smells luxurious.

Again, totally cute bottle. Detecting a pattern here? I want all of them.

The scents lasts for hours, which is good, because I am not in the habit of taking very expensive glass botlles of perfume along with me, and I prefer to smell good all day long, not just for two hours.

In packaging and general feel, Lolita Lempicka perfumes remind me of Jelly Pong Pong, a make-up brand, which also does the quirky, sexy, fairy-tale like thing and makes me feel like Reality doesn't really NEED to kick in all the time. I can be a princess if I choose to be, can't I? Yes. Yes I can.

Speaking of Jelly Pong Pong, I have indulged.
Well, technically, buying anything Jelly Pong Pong is indulging by definition, because they're quite expensive.
(That, by the bye, is my only criticism of this wonderful brand, which is very high quality, with very pretty and fairy-tale like packaging)
On Friday, I will receive a package from the wonderful Alice&Jo (from Alice&Jo's havesentials webshop) with some extra lip balms (I go through them like crazy!), Barry M's yellow nail polish (to match my cute new dress) and: Jelly Pong Pong!

"Goumet Lip Therapy: Real Honey": doesn't that sound like a hundred dollars? It does to me.

I am not spending any more money this month.
Well, except on books maybe. But that's it. And it's my once-a-year spree. So, you know, I'll talk myself into not feeling guilty.

I also donate to UNICEF now, so it's not completely selfish?

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