06 July 2009

Oh. My. GAWD.

My darlings!

I have shamefully neglected you.

In my defence: tons of stuff was going on, which I will detail to you right now, hoping you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

First of all, there were my exams.
I really went for it this time (good, because I had eight instead of the usual six and my schedule was rather... fucked-up.)
Long story short, I finally got rid of my freshman courses, which is a relief on its own. Passed 3 of my 6 second-year courses, which leaves me with 3 re-sits, which I'm actually quite satisfied with. Actually got a 14 (out of 20) for my favourite course! Woop!

Second, Ze Grand Movin'. It is done.
Finished my exams on Monday the 22nd and spent the three subsequent days painting. Alone, because The Boyfriend was working. Didn't turn out quite as good as I hoped because the previous layer of paint started peeling off. So we're doing some of it again in September, when we find the time.
On Friday and Saturday, there were two equally vexing and exciting trips to IKEA, in which - we thought - we got all of our furniture. It was only on Sunday that we realised we have no bathroom closet and all our shampoo &c stuff is now in bags until we find the time to get back on that. However, we have very pretty (and relatively inexpensive) furniture right now, and are very pleased with the spaciousness of The Apartment.

Thirdly, Ze Garden, which you knew we would have, because, well, I told you: it is quite barren. The ground is very dry and very very rock-filled, for lack of a better world. It has been decided that we should just scoop out most of the ground (including rocks) and bring in new - fertile - earth before we are able to magically make grass and flowwers appear.
I'm thinking lavender and some herbs (thyme, rosemary,...).

Speaking of which, we had some company over yesterday, which consisted of my father, stepmother, oldest stepbrother + girlfriend, my sister and youngest stepsister. I was very nervous for no good reason at all and am now very well pleased.

Dad has offered to help with the garden (two weeks from this sunday) and will then be bringing a new kitten.

Ay, a new kitten.
Typhus has been quite restless and strangely longing for affection, and we decided (me more than The Boyfriend, but he came around) that a playmate would probably be good for him.
We are still debating names, but so far, Chaos, Brein (which is Dutch for Brain) and something else, which was suggested late last night and I don't remember, are on the shortlist.

Talking of lists: I am, of course, still working on my Project Day Zero, and will update you on progress in a separate post, so as to maintain an overview.

I hope this post has a least put you all at ease that I am not, in fact, deceased and will keep on writing.

Have a nice days, everybody :)


  1. Painting "alone", eh?
    Glad to hear my help was appreciated ;)

  2. By the way, you should totally name the kitty Pants Cat.

    'Da na na na na, He wears pants upon his head, his ears go through the leg bits! He is Pants Cat! He is a super hero, he goes into telephone boxes and goes "oooh, I can't reach! I got no thumb anyway, so it doesn't matter.." '

    Google it ;)

  3. Oi! Indeed not alone, I meant "without Steven's help" but yes indeed, I should've credited you.
    E is teh awesome, people!

    Pants Cat is awesome, but I doubt Steven's going to go for it. :p