10 April 2009

Upcoming tattoo

I'm going to be honest here.
I'm getting pretty jittery over my upcoming tattoo (next Thursday, in fact).
I mean, it's too soon. This isn't fair. I had to wait for two months.
Two months isn't long enough! I need more waiting time!

Can I just skip that entire week, please? Wake up after and it's all done, perfectly healed and all? (Cuz you know, I can't get water on it for a full week. Kinda difficult to wash my hair if I can't get my shoulder blade wet. No, I have no bathtub to kneel down at.)

Yes, I know I'm a sissy.
I don't mind being called a sissy. It's true.

I already have one tattoo (a small G clef in the back of my neck), and I know, I know, I got really worked up about that one too, before I actually had it done and it wasn't so bad.

But that took, what, ten minutes? Fifteen? Maybe?

Granted, I'm only getting the one on the left done, not the other one, but still...

This baby is going to take 2 fuggen whole hours. Makes me cry in anticipation.

Do you think I'd be allowed to read during? I mean, a good Austen novel would distract me, probably. That'd be nice.
Plus, I'm a smoker and the "urge" gets way worse when I have nothing else to focus on. So if I'm reading, I'm ignoring both the urge AND the pain.

I could wander off into that lovely world that is Austen England, and laugh heartily at Mr. Collins. I could just try to decide - no, I still haven't made my decision - whether I prefer Colin Firth or the other Mr. Darcy.

Also, you know...

I could not be there. Not being there sounds like a world of good to me.

And I know, it's going to be worth it. I wouldn't get it if I didn't think it'd be worth it.

There's something poetic about experiencing that pain, and walking away with a token of something that means so much to you. Like you earned it, just by sitting through it. Except that you still have to pay a lot of money.

My facial piercings were the exact same thing (except I know for a fact those don't hurt.) Worry worry worry, then relief.
And a chocolate milkshake for my troubles, thank you very much.

So yeah. I think I'll go for two milkshakes this time.


  1. Relax, honeypie =)

    If you feel you want to wait, it is your prerogative though. I mean, you're getting something inked into your skin for definites, yo!

    Having said that, you already have a tattoo and you survived, so you know it will be ok, you're just itching with anticipation.
    Think of it that way, anticipation (instead of fear).

    When I first had to get on a stage and 'do my thing' I was a total and utter wreck an entire week before the gig. Guts wrenched, back stiff with stress, you know.
    I had a friend who did random gigs without breaking a sweat, I asked him how he dealt with the fear of getting up in front of everyone and making an ass of yourself. He said, look at it as if you're burning up with anticipation and glee, not with fear and worry.
    And ever since, I've never had so much fun on stage ^^ (and I'm a totally shy person!!!!)

    I'm getting a new tattoo soon too (as revealed on Twitter-Extraordinaire) and I'm being very cautious about it. It'll be in a more obvious place and I'll sortof be sealing my fate by getting it in a fairly obvious place (shoulder) Employers are majorly judgemental I've found out.

    I'm a bit angsty about it too, but I know it belongs there...

    if that's any sort of consollation at all =)



  2. Kate,
    you are one of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of e-meeting, I swear.

    It's not that I WANT to wait, it's just that whole "Ieee it's going to hurt thing" though I know that I want it. It's so perfect for me, and I have future tats in mind to go with it, even, so :p

    I will try that "anticipation instead of fear" thing. Dammit, I WILL talk myself into anticipation and exitement if it kills me xD

    I'm keeping all my tats in low-key places for exactly that reason. I'm very sorry about it, since I'll only get to see most of them with two mirrors. Luckily, my tats work better in those spots anyway (brain would look weird on my shoulder), but I'm always sorry these sort of things have to be a consideration.

    Where are you getting yours done, by the way?